Laugh, Cry, Think

How would you describe your musical style? Modernist. A nod to the past but a wink in the present and a view to the future.  Why did you decide to take part in Modtoberfest? A fantastic event, charity led and a chance to play some heavy 45s nice and loud  What does Mod/Ska mean to […]


How would you describe your musical style? That’s such a hard one! I guess most of the vinyl I collect is 60’s mod, freakbeat, RnB and soul, the kind of tunes that really get your feet moving, well definitely for me anyway! I have to admit I’m terrible with song titles and artists though, oh […]

How, when, and why did The Men from Uncle form? (and where did the name come from?) At the dawn of the twenty-first century, we realized that it would be more modern than the twentieth; so, in inner-city Sydney, long past midnight at a Sounds of Seduction after-party, we formed the band.Five capital letters, five […]

How, when, and why did Langlangs form? The LangLangs formed because of a mutual interest in high-octane lifestyles involving fast cars, international espionage and consequence-free shagging. Rumours that the LangLangs also have an interest in hairdressing that borders on the unhealthy are, however, flagrant lies – as are the rumours that we first formed when […]

How, when, and why did The Freds form? (and where did the name come from?) We formed in 2007 in the Lord Dudley in Sydney in April 2007. Dick (Guitar) and Dan (Drums) had been in The Piemen with our original singer Alun. I only arrived in Sydney that January with my trusty Rickenbacker and […]

(Monica at work) How would you describe your musical style? I would describe it as vintage music, because it covers all the genres I like…which are original R&B, jazz, latin, exotica, tittyshake, popcorn oldies, gospel, soul and rocknroll. Why did you decide to take part in Modtoberfest?. Well, I appreciate any chance to play out… […]

How, when, and why did The Smart Folk form? The Smart Folk literally popped into existence about a month ago (in late June 2013) after an impromptu chat about starting Modtoberfest with an acoustic act – thanks to your good selves at Modtober-crew. Pete and I both play in The Mayday Dreamers, who weren’t available […]

Cue: The Purple Hearts “Early in the Morning”. 3 great bands. 6 superb Djs. Fantastic light show and clips. Splendid venue. Marvelous crowd. Good stuff. 4:00 am or there abouts. The Sly Fox dance floor that had been packed during the night and into the wee small hours of the morning now only had five […]